Steam Weeder – the technology behind the machine.

The technology behind SteamWeeder’s chemical free “hydro-thermal” steam weeding uses high-temperature heated water and wet steam to kill weeds on contact. To be effective at killing weeds the temperatures need to be greater than 98° Celsius, (205°F) and must have rapid transfer into the plant cells.
Propane flame and non-saturated steam is less efficient at transferring destructive heat into the vegetation and hot water will do the job but is much slower and uses a lot more energy.

How does Steam Weed technology work?

The steam destroys the weeds on contact within minutes. This occurs via a process known as “plasmolysis” where the steam rapidly raises the temperature of water in plant’s cells, which in turn causes them to expand and destroys the structure of the cell wall and soft tissue. The targeted weeds will immediately wilt and within 1-3 days they decompose, enriching the soil.

How plants cells break down after Steam Weeding?

1. The cell of a healthy plant

The cell wall of a healthy plant cell is robust and full of liquid.

2. After high-pressurised steam

SteamWeeding applies high-pressurised steam, thereby increasing the temperature of the water within the cell, causing the plant cell wall to collapse.

3. Plant cell wall breaks down completely

Immediately the plant cell wall has completely broken down and the plant wilts. Within 1-3 days the plant decomposes adding nutrients back in the soil.