Please read the Frequently Asked Questions about Steam Weeder below. If we haven’t answered your question here please contact us and we will assist you.

1. Are the seeds of weeds killed by the steam?

A: Yes – the steam kills the plant and the seeds.

2. Does the steam damage plants around the weeds?

A: No – steaming is highly concentrated and precise.

3. Is it harmful to the soil to have high temperature steam applied?

A: No – the steam doesn’t affect the soil, in fact the break down of the decomposing plant into the soil releases mineral nutrients adding carbon and nitrogen to the soil.

4. Is there anywhere steam weeding cannot work?

A: Steam wedding is ideal for most areas – including those difficult to reach places such as along waterways. In addition to safely killing weeds SteamWeeding can be used for cleaning public BBQs, children’s playgrounds and areas around food consumption areas.

5. Does it kill all types of weeds?

A: SteamWeeding kills most of the weeds in the sub-tropical region of Nth NSW/Sth QLD.

6. Can it be used at any time of the plant growth cycle?

A: Whilst it can be used at any stage of the plant growth cycle there are preferable times to maximise effectiveness. Contact us to discuss a pilot program.

7. How long does it take?

A: The weeds will wilt after initial application, then die after a day.

8. Can I use the area immediately after steaming?

A: Yes – as steam weeding is 100% non-toxic it is safe to use the area immediately after application.

9. What is the difference between herbicides and pesticides?

A: Herbicides are specifically for plants and pesticides are for all things considered a pest (insects, plants etc). Chemical pesticide and herbicide exposure can be harmful to humans and animals.

10. What geographical area do you cover?

A: SteamWeeders cover the area from Grafton to Tweed in NSW and Colloangatta to Southport in QLD. We can go as far west as Kyogle. For other areas please contact us.

Any other questions?

Please call us on 0431 331 810 or contact us.