SteamWeeders offer chemical-free weed control servicing the areas of Northern NSW and Southern QLD

Paul Sommers

Owner/operator Paul Sommers has been aligned with Weedtechnics, who have over 20 years experience in saturated steam weed control technology, through his garden and property maintenance company — Garden Warrior.

As a company,  SteamWeeders are passionate about their environmental footprint and endeavour to consistently be aware of new clean technologies as they arise. SteamWeeders are currently looking at the use of fully electric vehicles to lessen their carbon footprint.

As a father of 3 young children, Paul is constantly educating himself on safer methods that don’t harm the environment.

With 10 years experience maintaining properties around Byron Shire, Paul became aware of the challenges specific to the sub-tropical climate of the Northern Rivers and began searching for a non-toxic way to remove weeds – without the need for herbicides yet also cost effective. After hearing many success stories of steam being used to remove weeds in the US, Canada and other parts of Australia Paul began to investigate further and was encouraged with the results.

Steam Weeders have the combined attributes of great technology with a great team who are capable to provide safe, green chemical-free weed control to any sensitive area.

Pilot Programmes

Steam weeders offer trial pilot programs to provide you with data and feedback on the cost and effectiveness of using steam as a method of safe weed control. Contact us for more information on the pilot program.

The outcomes expected of this program are that the client becomes able to:

  1. Assess the efficiency of the SteamWeeders system of non chemical weed control in a number geographic locations and urban terrains over a 3 to 4 month period.
  2. Determine the comparative cost of Steam Weeding against other means of weed control
  3. Assess the value of any other benefits that the pilot scheme provides, i.e.  biodiversity, sustainability, clean waters, reduction of chemical application complaints administration, positive PR, reduced Public Liability exposure, Councillors, Duty of Care.

Read more about the technology used in SteamWeeders weed control.