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Weed control – that works!

Natural Weed killer using steamUsing Steam Weeding for weed control is the perfect system to use in any areas where safety is paramount, such as around waterways, areas where people eat and children play, around organic farms and near livestock.

Steamweeders offers a proven safe, effective and cost efficient alternative to the spraying of harmful herbicides. Steamweeders are passionate about working to achieve chemical free urban areas that are safe for our children, pets and our environment.

Also used successfully by these forward-thinking organisations

Woodford Folk Festival use steam for natural weed control
Freemantle Council uses steam for natural weed controlYarra Council in Melbourne use steam for natural weed control
Waverley Council including Bondi Beach, use steam for natural weed controlThe Farm in Byron Bay uses steam weeding for natural weed control

Interested in a pilot program?

SteamWeeders offer trial pilot programs providing your business or organisation with data to easily asses the efficiency, determine the comparative cost and assess the value of any other benefits.

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Safe, Non-Toxic Weed Control

Safe, effective chemical free weed control system that won’t harm people, pets or livestock so perfect for use around garden beds, swimming pools, municipal parks and streetscapes.

Cost Effective, Saves Downtime

With no spray drift risk and no weather restrictions, councils in Australia are moving away from herbicides and glyphosates towards a non-toxic weed control solution for effectively maintaining public spaces in urban environments.

Fast on Weeds, Gentle on Plants

The agricultural sector is benefitting from non-chemical weed control management as there’s no collateral damage to other organisms – perfect for orchards, vineyards, organic growers and other horticultural operations.